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Step light. Mini step light. LED step light. Low voltage step light. Indoor step light. Outdoor step light.

3W-LED Step light

2'' Step light

Black step light

Round Face plate with capsule style cut to produce light.

Type: LED Step Light.

Collection: LED

Finish: Black

Face Plate Size: 2'' ( 52 mm)

Overall Depth: 1 3/8'' ( 34mm)

Hole size: Dia. 1 5/8" (42mm)

Bulb: 3 Watt

Expected life span: 40,000 hours

Kelvin: 3200K Warm White

Lumen: 90LM

Input: 12V DC

Output: 3W Max. 450mA

Dimmable: Yes

Location: Indoor/Outdoor

Works with low voltage LED driver

Maximum step lights per run: 18

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