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Wall light fixture. Step Light. Outdoor light. Outdoor wall mount light. Outdoor lamp. Outdoor wall light fixture. Retaining wall light fixture. Concrete wall light fixture. Verticle step light. Daylight step light. Vertical hooded face step light. 


Collection: LED

Type: LED Step Light.

Size: 2.75''W x 4.5''H x 1''E

Bulb: 3 Watt LED  

Input: 120V AC 

Kelvin: 6000K Daylight white

Finish: Black

Material: Aluminum

Step Light, Built in 3 W LED-120V AC 6000K

Fits on 2'' x 4'' x 2''Deep Red dot Deep Verticle junction box 

( Recomended Box S103E or similar Water tight and Water proof)

Suitable for mounting within .75m (30'') off the ground.

Step and pathway lighting suitable for interior or exterior application. Designed to install into a single gang box and is line voltage so additional transformers are not needed. Available in  both horizontal wide beam or vertical narrow beam spread.

Rated for Damp locations