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G25-14W CFL 27K

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Light Bulb. 

14W G25 Compact Fluorescent Globe Lamp, 2700K. 14W G25 E26 BASE GLOBE Light Bulb.  2700K CFL Lamp. Compact Fluorescent Bulb. Globe light bulb. 14 Watt globe light bulb. Globe 14W, CFL Bulb,  Energy Saving Light Bulb Medium Base,120V, 2700K, Warm White, Long Life



Base Type


Color Temperature




Length (M.O.L.)

5.5 in.

Diameter 3.1 in

Lumens (Initial)


Case Quantity

Hollywood bar light bulb. Make up desk light bulb. Barber shop bulb. G25 bulb. G25 Globe bulb. Milky white globe light bulb. Vanity light bulb. Hollywood lamp. Hollywood light bulb. Bathroom light bulb. Fat Albert light bulb. Fat Albert  globe light bulb

Warm white 2 700 Kelvin lamps are suitable for your everyday lighting needs. The colour of the light they produce is virtually indistinguishable from that of a traditional soft white incandescent lamp.

Compact fluorescent lamps (CFL) provide the same amount of light (lumens) as regular incandescent lamps but have a lower wattage rating. This means they use less energy and cause less pollution.