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Light Bub. Halogen Light Bulb-120V. PAR30 flood light bulb, Heat Lamp. Par 30 Short Neck light bulb. Halogen/ Heat lamp. 75 watts Reflector light. 75 watts flood lamp. Recessed light bulb.

Type: Halogen

Bulb base: E26

Base Finish: Silver 

Face: Hard Dotted Glass Cover

Wattage: 75 Watts

Voltage: 120 Volts

Lumens: 1100 Lumens

Colour of light: Warm White 2900K-3000K

Life: 2500 Hours

Dimmable: Yes

Size: Dia. 95mm x Extention/Length 90mm

Designed to be compatible with most halogen dimmers.

High quality tungsten wire. 

Halogen/ Heat lamp. 5 inch pot light bulb. Spot light bulb. Track light bulb. Flood light bulb. Jewelry store bulb. Showroom bulb. Display fixture bulb. Medium base bulb. E26 base halogen bulb.

Colour Temperature: 2900K